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Hello from Worcester!


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Hi I have been looking in to doing some urban exploration for a long time, unfortunately I have never had the chance to do anything like this before but have been a avid watcher of exploration videos on Youtube for a while now.
Finally last night I went on my first Urban exploration to a local site in a village near me, It was amazing and a really good experience for my first time. I took some pictures on my Cannon 80D with my only lens which is a Cannon EFS 17-85mm, some of the pictures came out good and some not so great I am still learning how to use a DSLR camera and it was my first time using it in the dark so any tips would be great.
I am probably going to return to this site during the day time to take some photos in the daylight, once I have done this I plan to upload a thread with all my pictures.

Nice to meet you all


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A tripod and a decent torch for light painting are your friend for taking pictures in the dark.

I look forward to seeing your reports!


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I took two high lumen handheld inspection lights for when I'm doing work in the dark which lit the place up really well but it seemed to wash out some of the images and I also have a gorilla pod!

Thanks :)

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