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Hello! I’m a new member :-)


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Hi there!

This is just a little “New Member Introduction” post which I hope to write without too many awful typos or any mistakes/ rule breaking! :)

My names sammy, and Iv finally joined this site after reading a few members reports on places they’ve explored around Norfolk (I loved the Laurel farm report!!!)

Iv only had a look around a few places unfortunately but love this stuff and find it so fascinating! However I don’t drive and I was always a little clueless on where I could explore when I had no idea on how to find anywhere...

I’ve joined to read your posts and explorations although I’d be lying if I wasn’t hoping to find someone who can share somewhere (although I’m pretty sure this is possibly banned) or meet up to explore somewhere.

I’m a little hesitant though as I’m F and the idea of meeting some total stranger makes me uneasy, for obvious safety reasons!

I also don’t drive, so I’m not sure how great id be as an “exploding partner” as getting lifts is kind of hard for me.

Now on to the explorations...

* Iv explored the house in Drayton, “Little wood house” I think it was called, which I’m sure has been knocked down and flats are now there in its place. Most kids from Thorpe Marriott have explored that house tbh but I have no photographs whatsoever.... it was an impromptu exploration and I was 14 and we didn’t have cameras on our phones :( I don’t think we did anyway lol.

I barely saw any of it as my friend and I were following some boys who had a small torch which wasn’t that great in a house where every window was boarded up.

I was absolutely fascinated by it though.

It had so many personal possessions still inside, furnishings, even a bed fully made up complete with ottoman-style furniture holding yet more bedding and sheets! I remember a games room just full of board games and all sorts of toys.

What particularly fascinated me was how there were family pictures and professional portraits they’d had done over the years, along with such a large collection of personal letters in one room upstairs, and a large stack of the daughters schoolbooks and letters she’d written to friends in the late 70s.

Immediately my friend and I assumed something terrible had happened there because I could not fathom, even at that age, why you’d move out leaving so many memories that I’d assume you’d want to never lose.

Or perhaps I’m way too sentimental? Who knows.

Years later I met someone who actually knew the family who’d lived in this house. I’d assumed something terrible had happened, when actually the father had gone bankrupt and had sold up and was living on the SAME ROAD.

I loved that I got an ending in a way... it’s not just the building itself that fascinates me, but when I get to see furniture and possessions left suddenly the building becomes a home, and you really get this fascinating glimpse into someone else’s life, and wonder how it was and what they occupied it with.
I think it’s the closest thing to being able to actually step back in time in a way.

The second place I don’t know the name of when writing this I’m afraid-SORRY- but it’s been explored a few times and is on YouTube. It’s the very old farmhouse that’s by what used to be some kind of scrap yard? I was taken there by some bf. It had a lot of VW ambulances and vehicles about and car parts with the odd animal skull.

No idea on the age of the house and would love to know but it was clearly very old by the width and height of the windows and doors etc

Bare with what I can remember as having just two rooms downstairs and one upstairs which was not accessible as the stairs were well and truly falling apart.

My third find I HAVENT explored and cannot as it was gutted in a fire late last year.

I was toddling along and noticed it and went and had a look and was so annoyed because I found it literally a month after it had been set alight..... and before that, it had stood empty and abandoned.

I took a few rather awful pictures as I’m terrible at photography, but if I’m going to go back up there and take lots and write a report? (I’m assuming we do this on a find?)

It’s near Sprowston/Spixworth.

I hope Iv included everything I was supposed to in this- if I haven’t then I’m sorry lol x

Sammy :)


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28DL Full Member
I forgot the pictures- sorry!

This is the old farmhouse I described on my second find that’s on YouTube xx


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