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28DL Full Member
hi everyone!
Only just got round to posting up on here! But I would like to think I'm not a complete noob! As I have explored a variety of abandoned places! Looking to branch out more and to meet other urbexers! Currently situated in corsham, Wilts! (:
Would also love some info on a location I'm planning to visit Sunday if anyone can help! Thanks! (:


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hello and welcome, what kind of stuff have you explored?
Living in corsham I spent a lot of time at the now demolished hms royal Arthur, also did copenacre a fair few times, raf rudloe manor, Salisbury hospital, raf yatesbury, south marston hotel, the ivy hotel in wroughton while it was still standing, a couple of small care homes (can't remember the names!)
There are probably a fair few I've missed! But I'm hoping to add a lot more to the list including cwm Coke works which is very high on my to do list! (:

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Loads more to do in Corsham and the surrounding area, get some reports up and you'll be on your way. I'm pretty local so I'll give you a shout once you've posted some of your previous explores.

Oh, I see you've already been here for 8 months. Well better late than never to introduce yourself.
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