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28DL Member
I am currently working on an exam piece for my college exam and im really interesting in photographing some local abandoned places and unfortunately I am struggling to find somewhere to go. Please could fellow urban explorers let me know of any good places to visit. I live in St.Helens.
Much appreciated,
- Jade


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Come on jade - we can't do your homework for you. Plus if you had read the faqs you would have seen you should have asked the mod team first before posting requests like this.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Nice to see the so called Lecturers not just pushing farm Animals, Snowdrops and Architecture to new students to Photograph for whatever qualifications that"ll get you nowhere these days, to Urbex sites where if you ask nicely somebody will even set your tripod up and frame the shot for you ;)

The assessors must be sick of HDR Derps by now :D

And if you can"t find anything in St Helens i"d suggest that maybe you don"t have a Photogenic eye for much? ...sorry.
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