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Help Wanted - Paid work


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Hello, I am a film student in Hampshire and i'm currently planning a short film shoot for a university project due in April with the aim of filming in January or February? I'm aiming to create a three minute short film with no dialogue based on the idea of homes past and memories left behind (More information can be given later).
I wanted to get in touch with someone who would be willing to help me find some locations within the south of England either hotels or houses that you think would be cool locations to film in and if you're willing to help me create this short film, I'm more than willing to pay you for your time as well as provide meals and expenses for public transport. It would also mean you'd have access to cameras such as the arri alexa and sony sf7.
If this sounds like something that may interest you please could you send me a message or get in touch at millgfilms@gmail.com.


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You don’t need to pay anyone just type Hampshire or other areas into the search bar,loads of stuff near there

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