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Help with cannon 700d


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28DL Full Member
Whats the best settings to take pics on the cannon 700d with 18-55 kit lens
Really :rolleyes: And in what situation ? Are we supposed too guess

I'd suggest if the Manuals not doing it for you to pay a visit too YouTube and watch some Videos of weird people talking about ISO. DOF. Aperture settings. Shutter speed . Long exposure etc etc

Or do what most people seem to do on these Forums. Switch it too "Auto" (make sure its in JPEG mode ) and cross your fingers ;)
If the results are crap then (if you havent already done so ? ) run it through some nasty HDR Software to make it look Epic :thumb
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Learn about aperture, iso and shutter speed, then you'll be on the right tracks.
Ken Rockwell has a good site where he outline everything. If a setting is universal then noone would ever need to bother with iso aperture etc... so it depend on your situation

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It's not really about aperture, ISO etc. What you need to set up are the non variables...

In camera sharpening
Colour set
Long exposure noise reduction off

These will all be used when shooting in non auto modes... P, A, M etc.

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