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Report - Hemel Hempstead Civic Cente - December 17


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This was the Old Council offices in Hemel Hempstead. I have learnt since visiting that there is apparently a bunker which we didn't see underneath. The site was going to be made into a Morrisons but they pulled out as they could not have a petrol station there.

We spotted this on Boxing day and went inside for a quick look around - I didn't take any pictures of the inside as it was completely pitch black inside and we didn't have torches. We only looked around the ground floor and second floor landing, as it was so dark, and the place was completely stripped out. Wouldn't mind going back and getting up to the roof though. Oh, and its literally 100 yards from a police station too :D

Police station right there...

And this is the last pic I'm afraid...


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I can see this place from my house...almost demolished now.


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I know of two building that are empty right next to each other, in the Industrial estate.....


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I got to the roof back in February this year.

I can confirm there is a bunker - but it is flooded and quite scary there seems to be some electrical equipment.

Also shat myself a few times (me and my mate went at 2am) when a few pigeons flew out from the building. It's worth exploring so much to see.



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Yes substation underneath that's why the remains are still there, somehow dont think the demolition was thought through properly, or someone forgot to mention the substation in basement, hence years later it's still not fully demolished.

Glad you are still alive mate, substations and water dont really mix! ;)