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Report - Hemel Hempstead Kodak Building Crane 16/09/09


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So after eyeing this up for about a year, finally got the courage to go in and up! This was my first crane and I was actually so scared at the top of it, I think I was mainly worried about dropping my camera or phone! A little bit of history about it. This is was previously the EMEA headquarters of Kodak Eastman which was built in the 1960s. Kodak vacated the building in 2005 and it was bought by Dandara, a property development company. The whole project will increase the height of Kodak House by 2 floors, increasing it from 20 floors to 22 floors (76m to circa 85m) turning it into some "lovely" apartments.

We nearly got caught, as soon as we jumped over at our first access point we saw a builder or some kind of security in a high vis, luckily I don't think he actually saw us, so after a bit of walking around we managed to find a much easier, more direct route in.








We almost chickened out and went up the smaller one because access was a lot easier, so glad we didn't now! Some of the pictures aren't too good as it was pretty windy and I was paranoid I was going to fall through the mesh floor.
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