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Lead or Rumour info - Hemel Hempstead Post Office Buildings


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28DL Full Member
As you head into Hemel Hempstead approaching the magic roundabout (coming off the A414) there is a really large building on the opposite side of the road that is a wierd Zig Zag shape,

Apparently this used to belong to the royal mail but has since been sold, was just wondering if anyone knew anything about this, had a bit of a wander round but it looks pretty hot on security.

I can confirm that the building is empty, I was just wondering if anyone has had the balls to/is going to go in there??



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duggie i am local and would be very interested as its not far from me at all. However last i knew part of it is live and part is not.


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28DL Full Member
I just rung him turns out this is completley different to the one he mentioned. I'll keep ya posted! :)
Sounds good mate - Always interested to see what you can find in Herts!

Gunna take another trip up to the swimming pool on hayes [SOMETIME]if you/any Herts people fancy coming along?


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28DL Member
Walk past this on my way to work, almost posted it myself... but it still appears to be partially live with lots of Royal Mail vans moving around nearby and plenty of posties leaving the site at hometime.

On a Hemel-related note, does anyone have pics of the Kodak building during redevelopment? I've only been able to find crane shots and a report with dead image links.

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