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Report - Hennoque "V1" rocket factory and Quarry


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Visited with OT, Tucker and Urban Junkie

This was one of the main tragets for the Paris trip for me...

A cross of information from before and after parts of this quarry were "injected" (filled with a mud/concrete mix) meant that the route to the huge V1 railway tunnel was hazy to say the least. In a place much much bigger than Box quarry you can understand that this makes any form of navigation impossible.

After two hours or so of wandering round, using various ideas we sat down and had a moment of clarity. Drawing a map in the dirt with various arrows (I wish I had a photo of it because it was genious:cool:) we hatched a new plan. Turned out the hole we were looking for was about 100 yerds from the enterance:banghead

The next hurdle was how to get down the 15 foot drop to reach the floor of the tunnel. We were armed with a rope ladder, but no means of attaching it to the top of the hole. We needed a bar to put across the two sides of the hole, but we cound not get a bar of this length round the twists and truns to reach the enterance of the tunnel

Another moment of genious... there was an air shaft right next to the hole. We left the quarry, found some pipe that would do the job, threw it down the air shaft, retreaved it and set up the ladder.

The climb was not easy, but it did the job and three of us made our way down in to one of the largest spaces I have ever seen underground. Thanks to Urban Junkie for sitting it out up top guarding the ladder, and being there for when it could allgo tits up!

The tunnel is amazing, and is much longer than I expected. It gradually gets lower at the end when the injection reaches it, and by the time you exit you have to duck your head! Thats a whole lot of concrete:eek:

By the time we reached the end of the tunnel it was time to meet our Parisian friends, so we had no time to explore the huge part of the quarry past the tunnel. I was not bothered tbh, the tunnel could not have been beaten after all the work to get in it!