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Report - Herman Miller, Bath.


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ok i finally decided i could be worth a look as i don't think it will be there much longer.
herman miller played quite a big part as a employer in bath and has like most scaled down its operation to just a couple of smaller buildings.

this one (one of there first) has been closed up for a few years now and i know a few on here did take a look in the past it was deamed not worthy of a report.

so a nice sunny after noon nick the youngests bike go for a ride...
(i told the wife i had to pick-up the car from storage so i would ride there....).

history..not much on offer really.

The Herman Miller building is included on the statutory list at Grade II. It lies outside the
designated Conservation Area (although adjacent to it) and is within the World Heritage Site. It
was built in 1966/7 and was the first building in Britain to use the Mero Space Frame
technology. Although in terms of Bath’s history is it young, it nevertheless forms part of its
industrial heritage and is recognised for its groundbreaking design. It is regarded as a building at

now owned by lidl...(artical from 2009).
Budget supermarket chain Lidl is hoping to open its new store in Bath before Christmas.

The firm, which operates 500 stores across the UK, is intending to transform a former furniture factory at Lower Bristol Road into a group of four retail units by the end of the year.

Lidl is awaiting a green light from planners at Bath and North East Somerset Council to develop the old Herman Miller factory which has been vacant since March 2006.

If the development is given the go-ahead, it would create around 35 new jobs and Lidl development executive James Mitchell said the firm was keen to recruit local people (this was from a artical from early 2009).









and the comment of the day goes to...!!!!


thanks for looking not reall much to see just a LOT of grey....the roof structure is nice...



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