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Report - Hermit's Castle, Assynt, Scotland - 26 May 2015


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The beautiful beach at Achmelvich on the Assynt peninsula of North West Scotland is worth a visit for the unspoilt scenery alone.

However, many visitors to this corner of paradise probably leave without knowing that they were a short walk from what must be one of Scotland's most unusual castles. And apparently, it's also Europe's smallest!

In 1955 David Scott, a young architect from Norwich, set out on a journey to the extreme north of Scotland. Escaping from the hereditary pressure to become a celebrated architect, Scott found his way to the Assynt peninsula where he set about building a concrete structure on a rocky outcrop.

He spent six solid months building the structure only to stay in it for one weekend before he left and never returned.




From the outside, the castle looks a bit like the concrete pillboxes that you see dotted around the coastlines of Britain. It seems to grow out of the surrounding rock and could easily be overlooked if not for the distinctive windows and chimney stack.


Spot my smartphone, to put the minute size of this castle into perspective:


Inside, the castle has only one very small room which has a single concrete bed and a small fireplace. The small windows let in some light but it still looks like a very damp and gloomy place to stay!



From the inside, looking back out to the very very very narrow door:




Concrete bed:

Despite its small size, apparently the castle is sometimes used as a bothy and the views from outside the castle are stunning, even on the wet and windy day we were there. The windows were once-upon-a-time glazed, but the glass has long been missing.

Can’t believe I’ve been holidaying in Assynt for 30+ years, and only found this place for the first time today… Suffice to say it's a hidden secret - never seen it in a single visitors guidebook! There's no signage to it, and a lot of locals have never even heard of it.
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spent a while looking for your phone on the shot before lol, looks a strange little thing out there in the middle of nowhere, cheers for sharing


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Thanks guys... As for the strange little thing in the middle of nowhere, do you mean the castle or my trusty Blackberry Q10!?!?!?

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