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Report - - Herschel Building Newcastle University | High Stuff |

Report - Herschel Building Newcastle University

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Not much info on the building but holds a large lecture theatre and chemical engineering/chemistry departments or least part of.

The whole building has been revamped, inside and out, the latter being the means to the rooftop :)

Vivo & Brickman attending, around 6months ago now :eek:

Commical moment a few hours after leaving this rooftop in search of others, wearing harness's & loops & large black backpacks packed with cameras and climbing gear. Police car pulls up alongside us walking thru the city centre packed with drinkers..
'how do chaps, haven't been scaleing buildings this evening have you'
er no, been to the climbing wall, in sunderland, (10miles away) then walked back hence 3am :p
'oh, well have a nice night then'


out front of building, nearly got ran over to get this!


must have been summer, check them shorts! Do you remember the last time you explored in shorts?


looking down over rest of university district & hospital


pann over roof top, note massive cctv camera to the left


under the stairs, ontop of the roof


views from the top, not sure what this building is, appears like its floating on light



like this one, vivo walked thru the water and left a trail.


favourite shot over newcastle city centre, haymarket metro station being refurbished in the foreground

Was a comfy rooftop visit :)