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Report - Hertford ROC Post - Hertfordshire - April 2011


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28DL Member
I learnt about the existence of the Hertford (Bramfield) R.O.C post about a month ago and was really intrigued as I live nearby. I decided to visit the post today as I had a day off, and fine weather.

I found the compound without difficulty, but the hatch appeared to be locked. On closer examination it turned out that the extensive collection of padlocks was there for decoration only. Also a lump of metalwork - unconvincingly marked 'M.O.D' - did nothing to prevent access. No need for the T-handle key. Quite excited by this turn of events I headed down the access shaft...

Padlocks, padlocks, padlocks


MOD? Looks homemade to me....


Open sesame


So far, so good...




I was disappointed to find the monitoring room completely stripped of all fittings, only the carpet remaining. At least it was dry. And didn't smell too bad.

Thanks for reading. Hope this first report is of use or interest to anyone considering visiting this location. This was my first ROC post and locating the installation and clambering down, not being sure what to expect, was pretty cool. It's encouraged me to do some more adventurous exploring in the future.



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28DL Full Member
The hatch is now locked in no way, but has a chain with weights hanging off it dangling from the hatch. It makes it nearly impossible to open. Between 3 of us we couldn't lift it high enough to get in but I reckon that 5 relatively strong people could remove it.

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