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Report - Hetts Laboratory, Ossett, West Yorks Sept 08


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Things hadn't been going that well. Our initial target had mysteriously turned into a large and faceless buildings site, and our second, a possible derelict and large mansion, upon closer examination was a beautiful and well tended family home. At the back of my mind was the fact that this could be a largely pointless waste of time and diesel. Even the first view of this place wasn't promising; a completely trashed '60's portacabin. However, after a mooch round, we discovered a small store room off the boarded up caretakers house.

Would that be it? The UK's smallest explore? Surely exploring a room the size of a downstairs toilet wouldn't be a good return for an evening out. Thankfully, two minutes later we were in.

This place was trashed, but strangely compelling. Many of the upstairs labs had a very "school science lab" feel to them.

Fume cupboard

This place was built in the 1960's and used to a lot of the ground investigation for many of the construction work (roads, PFI building, dams, landfills etc) for much of West Yorkshire.

Things were going well. There was enough light to see, and enough to keep us interested. Down some stairs was the tramshed. No tracks remained inside.



In a room off the tramshed were these. Euro '96?

Poor Sol had fallen off the wall.

One for the ladies...

Old boiler

Trashed room.

As we moved to the last part of the explore, fellow explorer Trouser Cowboy led the way. Suddenly he turned, and signalled to move, quick. Inside the last room was a man, lying on a mattress. My attempts at stealth were really poor, and finding every pice of plastic and glass to tread on I cracked and snapped my way across to a new exit point, and we were gone.
The man did follow, but minutes later, and not to chase us. I guess a homeless fellow who had his afternoon nap interupted.
Couple of externals.



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