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Report - Hever Caves


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Near Hever Castle under a mound is a rocky area that has had passages carved out of the rock

There are two entrances and at each entrance are doors made from stone with metal hinges and a metal wheel foot.
When closed they blend in with the surrounding rock to hide the entrance.

Also in the passage is a flat bench and electrical switches presumably for lights.
The fixings look similar to those found during world war 2.
But the caves are very isolated and so am unsure as to where the power would come from.

Local rumours say it was an underground hospital, but it is far too small and isolated.
It is more likely that it was used for hiding smuggled goods or built as a victorian folly.
But next to the caves is another small tunnel that heads for Hever Castle, its a tight crawl but the further down you go the more filled up with sand it becomes.
It has been said that there is a secret tunnel leading out of Hever Castle but nobody knew where it went, maybe this is it?

Pictures are just flash ones.

Two entrances

Passage continues

Wheel runner under door for support

Old electrical switch

Electrical wiring

Stone doors, still open and closed on metal hinges.

Bench carved out of stone


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