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Report - Hevingham car scrap yard. Norfolk. October 2014


av u seen my marbels
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This is a random old place, from what we have found out while bumping into various new owners of the land, there used to be a slaughter house on the land for many many years, then some sort of a collection of motor vehicles has happened over the many many years.. With a mass variety of things such as vans, cars, fire engines, aircraft parts, buses, baths and even the odd toilet, kitchen sinks and a big huge bull. We found out that the lady that owned the site had died a few years ago, and the 5 daughters had inherited the land, their husbands were now slowly weighting in all the vehicles and clearing the land of the 3500 vehicles that nature was slowly starting to reclaim.. We had also found snippets in local newspaper from the 1980's selling some of the vehicles off.

It is such a shame to see them all just get dragged about by diggers, loaded into a dumper lorry and crushed, as it is a cool site, but over the last yea, the place has now become more and more noticeably bare :(

we visited this time just so myself and my fiend could check it out for a model shoot, and so I could have a play with the new canon 17-40mm L f/4 lens. So these shots are all handheld and either with that lens or the Canon 50mm f/1.4























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av u seen my marbels
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Hee is one that I forgot about.. The wheel rim is inside the tree and the tyre is getting stretched by the trunk


av u seen my marbels
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Cheers guys...The house is cool, but rotten away big time, the stairs move when you put your foot near them, let alone on them lol


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cracking shots sir :thumb

Blimey there's lots there I didn't see when I was there :eek:

Was so ruddy overgrown when I went - could have done with a machete.

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