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Hey from Kent


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I know I'm not technically "new", but I haven't really spoken up since joining. Normally just casually browsed and looked at the different stories.
But I figured it's about time to say hey.
I'm in the Kent area, and like to read up on and check out all the forgotten jewels - one of my biggest interests in the tunnels under Maidstone which is mostly conspiracy with the exception that there is definitely something there and we do know that much.


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welcome along to the forums. There are a fair few members here from Kent. There has always been talk of tunnels under Maidstone and I'm sure there are lots of bits to still be found in that area though there is clearly less than some of the history pages suggest but Medway in general is full of places to explore!


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Maidstone has numerous tunnels in the form of old mines though the Treacle mines are just a local legend without any apparent basis in reality. Sand for glass making was mined around north Maidstone, the Detling/Penenden Heath area with a sizeable mine under the fields next to Newnham Court shopping centre though none of these mines are accessible these days. Small underground workings for ragstone also existed in the Mote Park/Willington Street area, the Mote Park mine definitely still exists though access is doubtful as the council tend to keep it well sealed.

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