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Hi everyone looking for explorers in Manchester...


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28DL Full Member
Hey guys I've been interested in urbex for a while now but have only just dipped ma feet in the waters with my own exploration really and would like to explore with other like minded people.

I have some friends that say there interested and just never get out with me so it's time to find a solid expo crew in Manchester!!

I started my exploring in Fuertaventura canaries Islands where we found 5 empty villas we explored them from top to bottom In pretty good nick as well.. We even had a homeless encounter as well!.

Couple of days later (not quite 28!) we seen from the beach what looked like abandoned apartments at the top of the hill the next day we toon the trip up there and found some amazing apartments they was quite finished but apartment block was up just not many windows etc we found out this was due to the market crash in 08" and work stopped!

Then when I got back recently I wanted to explore again.. Went to Victoria theatre Salford and explored that.. First time unequipped not a good enough light few days later back with a go pro and a tactical torch 1000 lumens (bright as f***) and we good some great footage pictures etc

The lads I did it with are not available as much as me and I would like to build a Facebook group full of team explorers that are ready for exploring and putting ideas across places and suggestions please message if your interested explorers!

Thanks again

Lord Oort

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Welcome. Have a read of these two threads to let you know how things work around here and to give you an idea of how to start. We dont really do 'Facebook teams' or video exploring here, its more about the photo's and the history.

Best thing to do is get some reports up if you've already been to a few places or use the search box and see whats in your local area. Once you have a couple of reports up people will be far more likely to invite you out/trade loations.

Look forward to seeing some reports :thumb

Any other questions just ask.

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