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Hi From Essex


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Hi :)

I recently got into exploring old abandoned places recently with a friend and have loved every location I have found so far! These places include

- Old Odeon (Colchester)
- Tolly Cobbled Brewery (Ipswich)
- Hamilton Lodge (Colchester)

The best part I find in going to these locations is seeing how they are now, finding out about the history of it, possibly finding things inside from before it was left, before time forgot about them, I always love seeing pictures of what it looked like before and then seeing how much and what has changed, I never go to any location to vandalise or ruin it for the next person to come, I will always leave things how they was found, and never move things about or steal, for me just seeing how it is now and possibly take a few pictures is enough for me.

However I have been to a few places recently only to find them completely boarded up now or replaced with something new, I was just wondering if anybody can let me know of places they have found themselves and would like to let me know about them? Id be sure to thank you in my report as I would like to start writing about what I found and displaying a few pictures along side it, anyway if anyone has any locations they would like to share feel free to message me :)


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Welcome along.

It might be an idea to stick up reports of the places you have been (Old Odeon / Tolly Cobbled Brewery / Hamilton Lodge) as people are unlikely to pony up locations to you just like that.

And use the search box in the top right corner as it will probably throw up plenty of locations near enough to you.

Good luck.

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