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Hi from Manchester


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28DL Member
Hey everyone, Lakin here, from south Manchester.
I’ve been a follower of the site for a number of years now, thought it’s about time I registered on here.
Mainly interested in abandoned military and industrial sites, but am still intrigued by pretty much all urbex.
I’m hopefully going on my first exploration soon, likely somewhere in Hull, with a band looking to do a video shoot in abandoned buildings. I’ll most definitely be getting photos and will upload here.
Any advice from veteran explorers would be massively appreciated, and also if anyone from the north west is willing to have a newbie tag along, then please do give me a shout.


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28DL Full Member
Hey man, Im from stockport and know of a large mill i posted my first thread on. I am not a veteran at this by any means, but have explored abandoned sites before and am also looking for someone to tag along with. Give me a shout if your interested


Bally up!
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same here, Hazel Grove gal looking to join and learn
Welcome aboard! Deffo get some photos uploaded once you’ve been out and about - stick to photos rather than any video you may take.

have a read of this which outlines how to post a report when the time comes:

it’s unlikely that you’ll get many takers for the offer of a newbie tagging along sadly. It’s nothing personal but obviously a lot of trust goes into this game and people are usually weary of meeting up with total strangers. That being said, all newcomers meet people at some point so I could be wrong! In fact reading up it looks like you already have one so that looks hopeful.

Good luck :) any questions feel free to ask. Main thing is to have fun and stay safe :D

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