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Hi I'm Sean from, Bournemouth, Dorset


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Hi all,

I have been looking into urban exploring lately and reading a lot and come across this forum so thought I'd introduce myself.

My name is Sean and I'm around Bournemouth area so close to Wiltshire, Hampshire and Devon which I see there are groups for. Hope to come along to come outings soon.

Anyways nice to meet you all. Any essential resources welcomed.


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Welcome to 28DL Sean.
You've made a wise choice becoming a member on here as well as not just jumping in 'deamnding' information ;)

First stop should be to have a read through the 'sticky' threads in this section of the site and specifically this one:

Lots of useful information about the way things work and are kept friendly and tidy.

There are other stickies dottted about and they are worth looking for in specific sections.

Search through previous posts - both reports and information on 'required equipment' etc. There's a wealth of experience behind what is on the bulletin board. Get involved in a positive way and when you are ready get some reports posted. These don't need to be anything epic...your own take on places with reasonable photos (it's not a photography technique site but there is a generally high standard!), some history and perhaps your narrative. There is a guide to posting reports.

Good luck and if you have questions about the bulletin board feel free to ask. Most us only bite when poked.

Stay safe

Down and beyond

I am just developing the mine by improving access
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Welcome aboard mate all that needs to be said has been said very well above , best of luck out there stay safe .


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Thanks for the welcomes. Also thanks for the info.

Had a read of the rules and now going to start reading some threads. Seeing there's quite a lot to get into in my area ☺
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