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Hi! Mainly just a lurker


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28DL Full Member
I'm too old to be actually doing any explores - in the thirties is when it all goes downhill for a woman sadly :coat but I do lurk and have done for a few years only recently joined though. My main interests (as a nurse!) is the old asylums and hospitals! tho i also love old swimming pools.. for some reason. i've lived in london, dorset and birmingham so quite a few places ring bells lol.

Anyone know why some of my replies are posted but others arent? cheers :)


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Hi, welcome to the site as a poster lol. Your first replies after joining are vetted/held until ok'd by a staff member to avoid spam I think. It works very well to be fair. That's probably why your messages aren't coming up immediately, if you click your name and click messages you will see they are still there waiting approval although I suspect you're now over that threshold of them being checked.

As for age, I can't speak for anyone else but I can't even remember my thirties and I'm still exploring. There are a lot of ladies on this site, some of them have bigger balls than some of us males, certainly they are still exploring as long as males are.
It doesn't have to mean shimmying up a drainpipe and going in through a window the size of a shoe box, there are thousands of explores out there where you walk along a public footpath onto a site and in through an open doorway. Sure, such places will be destroyed but some of us don't mind that so much, an explore is an explore.
If you don't like the idea of it for other reasons you can still explore by finding out open days or guided tours of places the public aren't generally allowed to wander unaccompanied.

As a nurse you know the human body is capable of some amazing things, even if your an 80 year old in a wheelchair we could get you exploring, get one of your friends interested or meet up with someone new and it will be easier for you, don't let age hold you back if you want to try it. You won't regret it.


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28DL Full Member
Aww. thanks for the replies! :thumb thats cool then, id be really up for some of the more wild, hidden deserted manors or houses... Dont fancy being arrested in public areas and ending up in local papers lol

I wana do selly oak hospital... it's literally about a mile and a half from my house :xgrin and I remember going to the a&e when it was open aswell. But it has been done really well and by so many people.. and security seems tight so maybe not.! thanks for making me welcome

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Welcome to the forum, if you live in brum the world is you oyster. There’s some great stuff up there.

Don’t let age stop you :)


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Welcome along Miss Berries. Don't let your age be a problem, plenty here far older than you, me included! :( :thumb

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