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Hi new to this group


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28DL Full Member
Hi everyone just wondering if you have any good sites to visit in Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire/Hertfordshire/Northamptonshire going to visit ferry house soon and possibly Hamilton palace if we can get in without being shot thanks


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Hi and welcome to 28DL

Cunningly hidden near the top of the main bulletin board page is this:


As it's difficult to find I'll make it even simpler, it links to this post:

There are thousands of posts on here with location information.
The posts can be searched - yes, there's a search function built into the site with a conveniently located search box top right of the pages.

The 'survival guide' I've linked above was loveingly crafted by one of the established members to help newcomers find their way quickly and without friction.

There are other sticky posts within the site where appropriate (such as how to write a report, why certain sections differ etc.) - read those too.

It's give and take.
Get some reports up, get actively involved on here , attend the regional meets (they should start to appear again now) so people can see what your are interested in and the types of places you do. Once people know that kind of thing and see you aren't just here to take they'll be more willing to share directly.
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