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Report - Hi-Roll Cottage - Surrey - August 2017


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Took me a while to find this place after getting help from another explorer, i found this place, in what seemed an even sadder state than photographed before. For anyone not familiar with this place:

No-one seems to know the definite time that this place was abandoned, but most speculate the 90's to 00's. Seems about right from the state of the place. The owner was some kind of automotive engineer, with many miscellaneous cars littered throughout the property, and only one report made of this place before an act of arson sent most into the ground. Damn shame

I would have photographed more, but i'll get to why in a bit. (plus sorry about the crappy photos, this was an impulse explore and i didn't have my camera)




(Those are about the only photos i got of the house too, explained further on)






Now time for the explanation. Notice the shiny, brand new security fencing leaned against a wall of the house in the background? My suspicions immediately became apparent right after the snap of that last photo. Only to make things worse, one of the neighbours in an opposing garden began shouting, while simultaneously police sirens came on in the distance. Both these things instantly scared my mate that was with me, who booked it for fears of being caught with his 'illegal substances'. Nevermind then i guess, but looking at how new that fencing is, i must have been within days of the place being locked up, unknowingly probably with sensors. We left annoyed, but it was better than nothing.
A little bit of advice for anyone thinking of visiting this place, don't unless you're close.

All my photos of this explore can be viewed here:


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Haha. there really is nothing left of this place to lock up with sensors etc haha. I'm sure it's fencing in preparation for demolition and construction

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