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Report - Hickson & Welch Chemical Works, Castleford 2010


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Mmmmmmmmmmmm almondy :)

Castleford once had two chemical works. One down, one to go! I think we got here a bit too late for all the super interesting stuff but that's just the way it goes sometimes. There's only so much you can do in such a short time. I guess Hickson & Welch put Castleford on the map because the only other famous thing that I can think of to come out of there was the famous sculptor, 'Henry Moore'. I dislike Henry Moore so much, I made up a song about him when I was at art college. It displays the limits to my song writing capabilities:

"Henry Moore, he's a bore
snore snore snore......"

(It was a very short song, more of a ditty)

Hummm what else can you say about this chemical works? It had an awesome collection of T-shirts and big knitted jumpers to keep out the cold and the chemicals :thumb Apart from that, it's rather stripped but that doesn't stop it being every bit the post-apocolyptic industrial landscape for wandering delinquents like myself and many others.