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Hidden Basement


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28DL Full Member
That's crazy man! Cool little pad that, in an old monastery? Access point is wicked!:thumb

One of the workmen like Coventry City FC


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I basically have that under my house... it's filled with generations of builders rubbish.

I'm sure thousands of people have cellars just like that and don't even know.


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If I was some sort of skank I'd be breeching off that service power cable crudely layed through the wall.

Secret supply!


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28DL Full Member
Oh my God! Not fucking way! Turns out when I brought my house there was this mental underground room with steps leading down to it aswell, I only found out about this secret dungen/lair/ hide out because for some fucked up unknown reason they kept the electric and gas meter down there...crazy...


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Actually pretty cool to find something like that in an apartment - if you own it, you should renovate it!!
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