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Report - Hidden Birkenhead Slaughter House - April 2013


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A History of the Birkenhead Slaughterhouse

From what can be researched using the British online archives (not much can be found anywhere else online) The Birkenhead
Slaughter House is listed as property occupied in 1884, it is also listed on the 1885 directory which was used as reference.
The whole street will have had numerous slaughter houses preparing animals for sale and transportation along the Birkenhead Railway.

The Explore

I wasn’t going to make a report on this location but the skulls and skeletons make it a much more interesting read and this
place has been untouched for many years, no graffiti or fire damage although there is a lot of building rubble ‘filling in’ in places.

After researching the Bidston Tunnels online I stumbled across a video on YouTube and after watching it, I sort of thought
I recognised the area, so to Google maps I went and being 80% certain I was in the right place I headed out with a non-member.
We reached the suspected area but it was clear access wasn’t going to be easy. The entrance as seen on the video
had been completely bricked up, but that weren’t going to stop us, so after a bit of searching and a very small gap to a
lower level, under railings, a few loose bricks were noticed leading into the basement of the slaughterhouse.

Here is the images, I Hope you enjoy the report.

01 - Start at the beginning, through the hole this was the first view


03 - the original staircase leading down from the long demolished building above

04 - Looking around and the floor space

05 - Skulls and Bones

06 - Skulls

07 - Jaw Bones

08 - Very far back wall - The area outside this window is filled in

09 - Roots on back wall

10 - Milk Bottle

11 - Hanging Supports

12 - Floor to ceiling roots

13 - the other side of main wall looking towards way out

14 - Streetlevel View of window

That's it, Thanks for looking, I have put together a YouTube video using footage recorded during the visit.
if you’d like to watch, here is the link: Hidden Birkenhead Slaughter House (Underground) April 2013 - YouTube


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