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Lead or Rumour info - Hidden underground street, Southport


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I'm curious as to whether anybody has any information on this.

Back in 1903, Nevill street in Southport (starting at the end of the pier where the carousel is and leading to Lord Street) used to be much lower than it is today. Supposedly it was raised to prevent flooding and, I've heard that all the original shop fronts are still as they were and the shops still contain unsold items and furniture.

Here's a picture I found from before the road was raised

And here's one I've taken from street view on google maps as close to the same angle as possible

As you can see, it's two storeys in the first picture and only one in the second.

Some links that are worth a read

Does anybody have any further information on this? This would be a great explore if it's possible to get in.


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There must be access somewhere because just across the road there's an underground wine bar :thumb


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Any chance of getting me access at some point please? @Ojay

To take a few snaps for a online blog i'm trying to get going :D


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Fair enough, like you say it's my first day and I'm not too sure how to go about posting stuff yet.. I'll get my head round it tonight.


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At least in this case it appears there actually was a row of shops which was at a different level! Unlike the usual myth about the new street being built on top of the old one ffs