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Lead or Rumour info - Hidden underground street, Southport

Bikin Glynn

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MMM that b& w dosent look quite right to me!
I know nothing about this area, but speaking from an engineering point of view it seems highly unlikely they could "raise" an entire road & re pave etc.
If they did its most likely to of all been infilled & is therefore gone forever!


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I must admit this thread is right down my street (lol) it excites me that its possible.
The mind does boggle that they could have raised the floor level so much and of course, as said how would that be achieved by other than dumping tons of material on top presumably rendering anything underneath inacessable.
Without doing any research into it I feel it's quite possible, consider that Manchester has old streets underneath or somthing simular, so its not unheard of.
I would also be supprised if none of those top shops had access to downstairs, some of those shops must have been double floor shops with internal staircases that might still be there.

There's even people here saying they've been down there so it must be accessible or has been in the past.


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I’ve just been through the double doors by the pier that everyone says is the access for the tunnels but it’s a dead end. Also been down a grid on the main road that did lead to it but it has been bricked up
Been our selfes today and been in every possible place and nothing ‍♂ Any ideas yet?