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High(ish) Times in Birmingham - Oct 2008


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What better way, after a stressful afternoon of interviews.....than to kick back in a place you have never visited at night, and work the UE opportunities :)
So good ...I'll have to do it again !
I'd spent the late afternoon....strolling around a sunny Brummie City Centre....checking out a few things I'd like to do, and frustratingly realising they could all get done...but would require a deal more time and planning ( both things I didn't have with a one night stop)...never mind, another time for sure :)
After a pig out at Gregs in the Bull Ring I headed back to my car ...legs knackered from a serious walk about town, angled the seat back and caught a quick nap as darkness fell over dusk.
The phone rang...it was Bubblehead...he was in town and heading to me.....sweet !
After a meet up and some chit chat....I pointed to a nearby building and suggested we take a punt.
Block M Masshouse Circus, sounds more like a prison ...but is in fact a 15 floor, 178ft residential building under construction..in a development which is nearing completion
360 Recce later and we spotted a sweet entry point.....only likely to be used by UE'rs, Drug pushers / users.... ;)
Up and in.....and of course, straight to the top.
Cold and windy.....I got my first eye view of the top of Brum.....very nice....and a skyline not completely dominated by tall buildings was a refreshing view change for me.

A little look around the residential floors....and a good laugh at just what you 'get' for your money....and we made our way out and on to the next site.

Bubblehead suggested The Birds Custard Factory.....now only a shadow of what it must have been like in its heyday....and has followed the well worn route/fate of these bygone industrial leviathons.....ie..residential 'apartment' redevelopment.
Passing through the derelict and yet undeveloped part of the factory....we passed intricate stone work inscribing the factory name and founder....and headed through the mass of scaffold to the highest point on the roof.
Adjacent to us....in the developed part of the old factory...we heard the heavy bassline of one of the new bars there...and after a dodgy climb ( rather scramble) over some roof tiles dividing the 'old' building from the 'new' building...made our way onto the roof of the redevelopment...The 'Custard Factory'
This rooftop was new to Bubblehead who made the most of it by getting straight down to business ...getting some cracking shots !

An interesting fabric roof over the buildings atrium ( it had a waterfall feature ..water falling from roof height)

Looking down into the atrium..

Can't beat looking down on others....when they don't know you are there...

Half way through this one.. we got the call from Tunnel Lover....just finished work and on his way straight here ( thats dedication for you !)

Bubblehead suggested we visit the GEC Witton Chimney....after a great report by Dweeb
Feeling a bit 'exposed'.. with the three of us strolling around a deserted industrial estate in the early hours...( looked very suspicious)...we found the chimney and headed in and up to the top in what were icy cold winds !
Its not super high, but personally I love getting close to the brickwork....being able to see it up close , and touch , what is something we wont have the opportunity to touch again.
Chilling out (literally) for a little bit while we sampled the view and got our shots...we headed back down....stopping to examine the wonderful brick decoration of an electromagnet on the outside of the chimney....marvellous !


I'd suggested we take a punt at the Snow Hill development a bit earlier...
A 12 level , 186ft building in the middle of a bigger development thats stalled a little, thanks to the credit crunch.
....getting back to the car, I suggested again that we go.
No pussies up in B'Ham !!....instead of the 'oh its late'...'Im tired' excuses....I got a full on....'yip...lets go !'
The lads seemed a little nervous going in to this one...I think Tunnel Lover had a tricky time on a previous attempt.....but you know me...lead from the front..into the site and across it to the building...TL and B'Head...right behind me...great work lads !
Lovely views of the town centre from here....it was bitterly cold and windy...and seeing as the building was higher than the cranes...we decided to leave the cranes alone tonight....and head to the rooftop.
Some comedy moments shuffling along the roof beams to get to the highest points of the build.....but despite the cold...we all enjoyed it.

Tunnel Lover on top of the Building.

Bubblehead and Tunnel Lover....on the steel..

West Midlands Police HQ next door...:rolleyes

Great night...great company....B'ham 'High' has got alot to offer...more than you would think !
Sincere thanks to Bubblehead and Tunnel Lover for their company and hospitality....thanks, and lovely to meet you guys



This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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Love the shots. Looked like a cracking night, top job
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