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Report - High Lines Cottage - Redhill - Surrey - March 2019

The Explorer Returns

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28DL Full Member
Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted -
High Lines Cottage..
This location has been sitting under the radar since it was abandoned 9 years ago.

HISTORY - this is literally what I found out about the place while inside, there is none online.

2 elderly lived here.. * husband and wife * The lady sadly died of cancer in 2009 and left the man to live on his own, but not long after he went missing and has never been found in the house since. I think this man committed suicide after loosing his wife as I saw funeral plans inside the house for the man. I honestly don’t think anybody has stepped foot in this house since.

The Explore-
So I headed up to the outskirts of Redhill, Sorry about the rubbish IPhone pictures, after finding this place on google maps, I wasn’t particularly sure about this one, I was certain it was abandoned but since it’s never been on this or any other forum I wasn’t exspecting to get inside. So I went but found an easy access so I just went in, couldn’t spend to much time inside as the neighbours where around and I think they keep an eye on the place as one did approach the front door while I was inside but then left.
This place is honestly amazing, the decay, the spider webs, the belongings inside all made one amazing explore. However it is pretty dangerous, the upstairs bedrooms have a roof leak and have filled 6 huge containers with water, that must be some serious weight on the rotten floors, my foot even went through in some places. I’m shocked the power was on due to the dilapidated state that the building was in.
I’m still shocked nobody has been here becuase the house is actually hidden or in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway enough of my pointless writing..

















Calamity Jane

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Really nice find. It seems impossible how these places stay like this for so long. With power on and just rummaged . Sad really. But great explore there. Wouldn't mind a look. will have to dig now lol. Nice one :thumb:thumb


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28DL Member
Nice find buddy, if you get the chance to go there with a camera you'd be able to get some pretty sick shot. Tho now it's my turn to try find this place


Xexxa the grey
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Is that a grow in the sixth picture or is that to catch the water?

The Explorer Returns

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28DL Full Member
I've also spent hours looking for this place too - someone did tell me it's not in Redhill itself. Looks like a great little explore.
It’s on the outskirts of redhill near the M25. It’s very hidden but I found it from google maps so it’s not impossible. Good luck


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i’ve been here there and everywhere looking for this and can’t find it
It's definitely still there, being such a nice place still it's worth the search, keeps the lazy ones just looking to smash it up all away


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28DL Full Member
It's definitely still there, being such a nice place still it's worth the search, keeps the lazy ones just looking to smash it up all away
i’ve been looking more dont know if i’ve found it but i’ve found 2 potential and 1 more worth investigating

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