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Report - - High Royds Lunatic Asylum, Menston - 18.01.09 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - High Royds Lunatic Asylum, Menston - 18.01.09

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Some said it couldn't be done anymore, others said the Mortuary Slab had gone and somebody said that Security have taken over Admin.
Only one of those statements is correct, but which one; read on!

All references to Buildings are based on the original 1888 plans.

A visit to High Royds only came about after our original plan fell through. I hadn't been since December 2007 and it was to be Cobra00uk and Links Rovers first visit.
Setting off suitably early we drove through the dark for Two hours only stopping for the obligatory McDs McMuffins on the way.

We arrived and I wasn't too surprised to see how much more work had been done in the last 12 months. We quickly gained access to the huge perimeter. Info on entry points and Security had been checked with the last people to go to High Royds from either 28dl or mids-urbexing (thanks again Scoobs and The Crow). This info was handy, but with both of their explores being three months ago, we knew things could easily have changed.

We started to work our way between buildings keeping an eye on our location using various maps. Entry into most places had been tricky a year ago but now it had become frustratingly hard.
Many times we managed to get in places only to not be able to make it out of that room or no further than the end of the Corridor.
Contactors had obviously been very busy trying to keep Pikies and Urbexers alike out of the place.

Finally we got into the Sick & Infirm Block on the Male side and had a good mooch around. This was one place that I hadn't seen before, but it is very modern compared to some other areas. Its highlight was an observation room with fixed bed and dome mirrors in both corners, nice.

Next stop was the famous Admin Block. We'd heard that Security had hut at the front of Admin, but this didn't seem to ring true. Cobra went on a scouting trip and came back with the frightening news that Security seemed to be based in side the far end of the building!
At this point we knew a frontal assault just wasn't going to work, so we doubled back and eventually found a very tricky way into admin from the other side.
Once in we knew that we were playing a dangerous game, that the longer we spent in there and the nearer we got to the front, the more chance we had of getting collared.
So with that we stealthed it as much as possible, photographed as much as we dared and go out of there without detection, phew.

Sick & Infirm Block on the Female side was our next target, but we had a shock when we nearly walked around the corner to find separate Security in their own hut. Not sure why this is, maybe that part of the site is now owned by different contractors? The building definitely looks like its being prepped for conversion now (unlike 12 months ago) anyway, that meant we couldn't look down the front and the rear was tightly shut.

There's nothing really left on the Female side of the site now, it’s all converted, so we headed back to try and crack The Acute and Epileptic Blocks on the Male side.
We found a surprisingly straight forward way into the Acute Block (the first and last of the day lol). There were all sorts of random stuff lying about worth springing the 50mm f1.8 out for; plus some quality peeling paint and Signage action.
The Epileptic Block beat us and so we moved on to try and confirm the rumour that the Mortuary Slab in the Morgue had gone.

Just getting in was a nightmare. Nearly every possible entry point has been bricked shut. Eventually and after much banging together of heads we got in.
I was the first to break the good and bad news to the guys regarding the Slab. It WAS still there, but it had been boxed in where it stood and had a tarp over the top.
Well, we'd come this far and weren't to be beaten. We carefully removed the screws from one end of the box and between the three of us JUST managed to move it out of the way.
After shooting from one end of the room, we moved the box again and finished snapping. All done we returned the box over the Slab, replaced all the screws and left everything as we found it.

Finally we did a perimeter walk all the way back round to get some cheeky shots of Admin from the front (now the sun was out) and then heading off to Harry Ramsdens for Celebratory Fish and Chips before setting off home. A satisfying yet hard days exploring was had by all.

Because I've been before I was trying to get some different shots this time. I'm sure Cobra will add more.

A random photo stuck on the inside of a cupboard in the Sick & Infirm Block

Some of the mosaic Tiling in Admin

Strange Graf upstairs in the Acute Block

The locked Gates - You're not getting through them

50mm action in the Acute Block - 7 or 8?

The Daily Mirror from Wed 14th May 1969

Decorative Wall Tiling in Admin

Shakey sings...

The supposedly missing Mortuary Slab

High Royds impressive Admin Block with us in shadow
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Thanks to Madmax for this one was the last one on my wanted to do list. was great and the place is huge.

You would thought they would have been removed













The Crew for the day

You Have got to read this

Daily Mirror 1969

What Was That About


And this one is for OT


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Was passing this afternoon and thought it would be rude not to make a quick stop for one of these ;)