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Question - High Stuff, Bridges - Legality


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28DL Full Member
Hello people.

Now i've done quite a bit of urbex, and know the laws regarding it are not going to bite you in the ass if you were legitimately just exploring/taking photos. As far as I can tell, they could arrest you if being suspicious or having anything on you which could be seen as stolen/used to break in, etc.

Now, i'm wanting to climb some higher stuff, and wondering if this changes at all?
If I climb something which requires quite a bit of working around to get into (but no damage etc)

Can I be charged for anything if i'm not equipped, etc?
Genuinely wanting to climb something for photos/the experience - but it's likely at this location i'd be spotted.

Ta muchly.


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They sometimes used breach of the peace laws when you climb stuff like bridges. Usually not helped by them having to close them when they spot you. Not a massive deal but expect a night in the cells..


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Beware that occasionally there are bylaws that apply to certain bridges that specifically prohibit climbing them.


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a breach of the peace (or actions liable to cause) conviction col possibly open up the doors for them to get a criminal behaviour order against you.

ask matt adams how much of a pita that is

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