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Report - Highgate Ghost Station, North London - October 2014


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Highgate station was originally constructed by the Edgware, Highgate and London Railway in the 1860s on its line from Finsbury Park to Edgware. It was purchased in July 1867 by the larger Great Northern Railway (GNR) and opened on 22 August 1867.


How it looked in 1868 with a passing loop in the middle for trains terminating at Highgate

The station was rebuilt during the 1880s with a new island platform on the site of the former passing loop. The side platforms were from this point onwards disused.


A photo from the early 20th century showing the different layout

As part of the 1935 'New Works' plan to incorporate the Edgware, High Barnet and Alexandra Palace lines in to the London transport network the station was one again rebuilt with a new brick platform building. Shortly before the start of WW2 the lines began to appear on underground maps. With the start of WW2 however the service was reduced and never quite picked up again.


How it looked in 1941

Closure was announced in 1953 as the number of passengers travelling on the line didn't justify it's electrification. A shuttle service continued to run until 3rd July 1954 when the station closed to passenger traffic.


In the 1950s just before closure

This section of line between Finsbury Park & Highgate remained open to freight traffic until 1st October 1962 and it has been abandoned ever since. I sourced the history & pics from here http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/h/highgate/

I visited with Extreme Ironing, it was a really fascinating little place even though it didn't take long to get round it. I hope to go back there some time and photograph it on a misty morning.

These are the sealed off tunnels on the east side.



The 1940s brickwork station


The house on the right used to be part of the station but is now an occupied private property

No idea what this machinery was once used for….

Old advertising/timetable boards in the middle


Heading for the staircase

The cage shut for the last time

Through the cage you could see the bottom of the stairs bricked off with a just a worker's entrance

Think this may have been an old waiting room…..

Looking back along the platform

The tunnels at this end (west) of the station are completely overgrown

Parts of the trackbed have been covered with plastic sheeting to prevent water seepage into the northern line concourse below

Thanks for looking :thumb


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Liking this, as mentioned above, something a bit different!

Considering it's in London it looks quite a peaceful place from your shots.

Nice one :thumb


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Didn't realise they had colour film in 1860 :)

Nice ones mate :thumb

Very walking Dead ish :) Surprised its still there TBH

No joy with the Tunnels I take it ?


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28DL Full Member
lovely, looks sooo scary..but as its on the doorstep of highgate underground its do able on your own (so your dont shit your pants)


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28DL Full Member
im doing this as my first report this weekend even though its gonna rain, hope i can do the place justice with my images


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Haven't seen this in ages. I did a tour here many years ago with a guy who had the keys to the tunnels.
An interesting way to spend a afternoon.
Thanks for sharing.


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Liking this, as mentioned above, something a bit different!

Considering it's in London it looks quite a peaceful place from your shots.

Nice one :thumb

I used to live just down the road from there.
The station is right next to Highgate Woods which is why it looks so countryfied.

Nice photographs.

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