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Report - Hilltop Farm - Bucks - Jun 20

Bikin Glynn

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Just a random place I stumbled upon, but turned out to be a rather nice mooch.

No history known Im afraid but looks like a typical farmstead.
There was obviously car repairs going on here as there is a lot of "newer mark" cars laying around.
This Nissen hut was turned into a makeshift spray booth, of sorts.

Iv put this in residential but the house itself was un explorable. The front looked ok but the back half was essentially missing & it appeared to be only held up by the surrounding trees.

Rather nice MMA Genset here

The sheds were also full of woodworking equipment, with prob 50 homemade birdboxes stacked up in one shed.

Thanks For Looking

Calamity Jane

i see beauty in the unloved, places & things
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Nice one. Are they generators & compressors laying around! Lucky they haven't been stolen.

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