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Report - Hilsea Lines (Bastion 5), Portsmouth - May 2017


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So I've finally had the time to make my second report... My God did it take a while. I also need a new laptop.

THE HISTORY: Constructed from 1858-1871, the Hilsea Lines were planned to be a defensive front for the entire of Portsea Island, consisting of 6 underground bastions and multiple fortified bridges across Portsbridge creek, which was just north of the lines. However, the lines were made obsolete before the construction had even finished, since the invention of rifled artillery meant that Portsmouth (and especially the Naval dockyards) could be shelled from Portsdown hill without the need to assault Hilsea Lines, making them useless for their original role.
The lines were still used however, and the bastions were equipped with newer rifled guns in 1886 until 1903. They also saw use in World War 1 and World War 2, where guns were mounted on the ramparts along the lines. In 1932, the eastern lines were destroyed to make room for Portsmouth Airport.

THE PLACE: Bastion 5 itself is the only abandoned bastion in the lines, it is heavily derelict with overgrowth, fire damage, graffiti and some destroyed walls. The bastion itself is in seemingly perfect structural condition however, and all notable features still exist. It is a long and wide vaulted tunnel with casemates running along in each direction, separated from the main bastion by metal partitions, brick partitions (or what's left of them) also run along the bastion and the rails and mantlets for the guns are also still remaining. The bastion floor is higher than the casemates' floors. Getting to this bastion is a problem though, requiring you to climb up the ramparts and head through overgrown pathways.

THE EXPLORE: I went with a friend of mine on a hot day. Quite a relaxed explore despite having to go through hell on earth to get to the place, the brambles were tearing at me from many directions on those paths, luckily the entry into the bastion was easy. We stayed for about 20 minutes before we'd seen just about everything and I'd taken my photos. Also, my friend got creeped out in the tunnel for no apparent reason and I've ruined a second pair of jeans, fun.



Part of Bastion 5's exterior, it's heavily overgrown.


The main entrance into the bastion, the gate has been pulled down, allowing easy access.


Just past the entrance, the small tunnel/room you can see directly ahead I do not know the purpose of.


The left side of the bastion.


The right side of the bastion.


One of the gun mounts, likely bricked up after the 1903 disarnament, the air vent hasn't been bricked up.


Toilets at the left end of the bastion.


Some kind of port at the left end of the bastion. It appears to lead into another tunnel. I did not go through it.


Looking into one of the casemates, the metal partition seems like a modification to the original structure. You can also see the main bastion floor, which is visibly higher than the casemate's.

Well people, hope you liked it. I'm starting to properly get into this.