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Report - HMS Ganges Swimming pool - Shotley - May 2015


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Been meaning to get my ass down here for a long time.
This one proved a real pain. I've just realised I hate sites with lots of separate buildings. You spend too much time in the open and trying to find a way in to each one. This place proved very tricky. There is active security now and everything is sealed really well. It was nigh impossible to get into anything, and this was made harder by the the thick overgrowth everywhere. I had mainly wanted the pool and so I made extra effort there and had to be creative in finding a way in. Unlike most places, once inside, every door was nailed up and so it was a real challenge to get around.
The site has a 'sold' board on the front and there is very active security. Saw 2 cars on the way round. The funniest moment was noisily getting into another building, waltzing through and then walking into a room with Mr Security sitting at his desk with his back to me. Managed to walk silently backwards out of the door again. How on earth he didn't hear us? I've been puzzling over this since....did he have headphones on?, was he thinking 'I cant be arsed with this, they will just go away', or maybe he was actually a scarecrow.

Anyhow, I thought I'd post photos as a)its hasn't been on here for a while and b)it could be gone soon.

"HMS Ganges was a Royal Navy Training base at Shotley, Suffolk. Ganges, in the early years was afloat in Harwich Harbour, and from 1905 until 1976 as a shore base. Life there was tough and the site included a 143 foot ships mast, which was manned during training and annually for a ceremonial mast manning with a “button boy” standing high above the parade ground. Around 150,000 boys were trained at HMS Ganges."














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Apart from the algae place looks in pretty good nick really. Did you go for a paddle, as it looks fairly slippery in the pool?

Also nice to see the mast still standing.

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This is excellent, well worth the effort :thumb

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