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Report - HMS Intrepid 03/11/08

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I should have danced all night
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Visited with Scott and Oggy.

After a night of blowing up kitchen appliances and a day of mechanical engineering lectures, my brain was like WHOOOOSH slooooow down! It was not over yet however. We had planned to do Intrepid last weekend but it didn't materialise so I vowed to make more of an effort to stay awake and get out the house and my god! am I glad I did.

There are a couple of sites I've explored that have made my jaw drop to the floor unable to say a lot-some include St. Joes, Battersea and Corsham. Apart from the fact that we had to keep quiet, I really was lost for words the whole time we were aboard. The PURE exploration that we encountered last night was almost dreamlike as we raced through the cramped corridors and raised portal doorways-surely you couldn't get round that ship fast in an emergency?

A lot of the time, we were limited to one dimmed red light between us which made climbing up and down ladders fun and low ceilings. It was only in the bottom of the ship that it was really safe to take photos and these obviously needed flash (hence how poor they are!)

Some of the ship was floded in parts where they had let the roof hatches open so nice Reeboks in unexpected puddles became a necessity. We suffer for our art:( The sleeping quarters were one of the most impressive things to me. Seeing the personalised locker rooms with paintings and newspaper cuttings from before 1988 when the ship was last in active service. The stores were just something else too as was the view from the main control room overlooking the front of the ship and out into the dry dock.

It was nearly 3am when we emerged and warm beds and pot noodles were on the agenda. What a fantastic night and sadly, another massive piece of history resigned to heaps of curly crushed metal:( This really was one of the best places I have been fortunate enough to see-wow is simply the word.

History from Wikipedia

HMS Intrepid (L11) was a Royal Navy ship which served from 1967 until 1999. One of two from the Landing Platform Dock (LPD) class she was based in HM Naval Base, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon and HM Naval Base Portsmouth and saw service around the world over her 32 year life.

The LPDs provided support to a Royal Marines amphibious assault force and provided a platform for a the Headquarters capability prior to, and during, the assault phase.

Intrepid was the second of her class of purpose built LPDs used by Royal Navy, built in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, at the John Brown & Company yard she was launched in 1964 before undergoing trials and commissioning in 1967. Incidentally, she was the last ship built by John Brown & Co for the Royal Navy.

Intrepid was undergoing decommissioning in 1982 at the outbreak of the Falklands War, however was brought back into commission, with her ships company recalled by Commander Bryn Telfer (the Executive Officer), and Malcolm MacLeod, the crew gladly returned to form part of the task group committed to Operation Corporate, the British effort to recapture the islands. Intrepid was commanded by Captain Peter Dingemans.

With elements of 3 Commando Brigade embarked, Intrepid took part in the amphibious landings at San Carlos Water. HMS Intrepid was under attack in San Carlos Water on 25 May 1982, with a few fatalities, mainly Royal Marines (citation?). The Nordic Ferry was also under attack. She came under heavy air attack once again during the operation, and was the main participant in the landings at Bluff Cove on 6 June. Margaret Thatcher and Sandy Woodward commended the efforts of the ships involved in the San Carlos attacks.

She [Intrepid] would be the last ship to arrive, the last piece in the jigsaw, and so all the timings depended on her. The ship was also one of the warships used for imprisoning the Argentinian prisoners of war.

From 1985 until 1990 she supported the sea training phase of initial officer training, undertaken at Britannia Royal Naval College, as part of the Dartmouth Training Squadron.

Intrepid was placed in reserve status in 1991, laid up at HM Naval Base Portsmouth, being used as a source of spares for her sister ship, HMS Fearless. She was decommissioned in 1999 and awaited her disposal, by scrapping, in Fareham Creek, Hampshire.

Replacement LPDs were ordered during the 1990s with HMS Albion being commissioned in 2003

On 12 February 2007, the MoD announced that HMS Intrepid is to be recycled at a British facility. Leavesley International was selected as the preferred bidder, pending license acquisition. The contract aims to ensure that the ship is disposed of responsibly, and in full compliance with international environmental legislation. Having received the required planning permission and environmental licences for disposal, Intrepid duly left Portsmouth for her final journey to Liverpool on 13 September 2008.

So, without further ado, here's the photos. Exploration took precedent last night so no fancy light painting I'm afraid.



























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Re: HMS Intrepid 03/11/08 REPORT

You'd better hurry up then! Less than two months left now!


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Re: HMS Intrepid 03/11/08 REPORT

Wow, looks great inside! Cool to see that paint store, looks like it;s at the very bow of the ship, and the radio workshop, all army stuff in a boat. Cool.


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Re: HMS Intrepid 03/11/08 REPORT

there is no smilie to describe my jealousy :p

The personalised bits are great! Floor logo looks a like the UN wreath?

Were the keys still in it? fuel? got some places could use it :p


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Re: HMS Intrepid 03/11/08 REPORT

Well good!!! That is well good!! Brilliant stuff guys!!!


blatant is the new covert
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Re: HMS Intrepid 03/11/08 REPORT

Silly good... cheers for the pics rooks..... great to have a look!!!


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Re: HMS Intrepid 03/11/08 REPORT

Epic epic epic!!

They loved to paint stuff on the walls diddnt they!