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Report - HMS Wildfire - Medway - January 2016


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28DL Full Member

First of all i got to say thanks to the guys who made this happen, the work and skill undertook to achieve this is without doubt admirable. Also thanks to the guy who gave me the shout and invited me along for the night. You all know who you are, and i appreciate the opportunity to see something as well preserved.

Secondly, apologies for the shockingly shit pictures. It was one of those nights when you struggle to stand up, so activating the shutter on my camera was challenging whilst wasted.

Bit Of History;

During 1937, with the threat of war imminent, an exchange of letters between the Admiralty, Air Ministry and the War Office resulted in a policy for the provision of protected accommodation at the four main naval ports at Plymouth, Portsmouth, Chatham and Rosyth. It was decided that it would not be practicable or desirable to re-locate the Military HQ's to the coast so a small military liaison staff was allotted to each of the proposed HQ's which the Admiralty and Air Ministry now proceeded to plan and build.

The protection against air attack was particularly pertinent for the Navy at Chatham. During the later stages of WW1 on the night of 3rd September 1917, when 900 men were sleeping in the drill shed at the barracks of HMS Pembroke, 4 German Gotha bombers carried out the first night air raid on the UK. One of the planes dropped two 50 kg bombs through the glass roof of the drill shed killing 130 with 88 seriously injured. It was the largest single loss of life due to air raids in WW1. Large underground shelters were dug into the wall of the barracks before WW2 began.

The Night;

I get a call from a mate giving me a heads up, something was going down and i didn't want to miss out, 'make sure you make it' the guy said. I got a location sent through to meet at, the time to meet, and where to park. Straight on the phone to non member TinRibs, we organised transport and supplies.

Arriving there and socializing outside we waited, fingers crossed we were actually going to get the opportunity to visit and see this with our own eyes. Then the time was right, we proceeded along with others into the intergalactic time continuum, finding ourselves balls deep in epicness.

Again, thanks to all involved in cracking this, thank you for the invite, and thank you for an entertaining evening...










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haha funny night that was and glad all went to plan though some of the event is a little 'hazey' haha


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Brilliant night that, somehow I remained sober even though I wasn't driving! Bet the air still smells a bit 'odd' down there :D:D:D

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