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Report - Hoarders House, Wiltshire, July 2017


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Driven past this place loads of times, but never paid attention (I assumed it was live) until recently when heras went up around it... Then it was time to strike. Obviously I had no idea what was inside. So I was surprised when I saw it was a hoarders house. I can't find much info about who owned it, but it was a doctor. (Hoarder and doctor... a common connection a la Drummond-Rees?) He was an optician and there were lasers all over the house and various eyewear and microscopes. When confronted with a great deal of crap such as this, my mind tends to blur it all together so I have a hard time looking for relevant paperwork. Based on research 2007-2009. What did interest me is how the person lived there. There was nowhere to sit and nowhere to sleep so god knows what happened, pehaphs they left and kids (there was minor evidence of kids) turned it upside down a bit more. There was also no access to the toilet and the stuff was piled three quarters up the walls. I didn't expect anything special, so I didn't take my camera so it's iPhone pictures (sorry). Signs on heras indicate demo will be soon.

Cortina in the drive


Delightful and charming entrance hall




Alleged kitchen


Still better than an iPhone

Didn't know this came out so shit, but it just reminded me of a xenomorph egg

This is supposed to be the master bedroom, again, there was no place to sleep here and the shit is piled to the top of the windows, so god knows how anyone could have slept here.


A henry awaits its fate with a smile (fucking happy bastard, I hate henrys)

The landing


Although you couldn't access the toilet, I was pleasantly surprised to find the the owner hadn't taken to using bottles (from what I could see)


Just incase you thought I was lying about the lasers



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