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Although this place may look old, it actually isn't it was started by a farmer in the 80's.

Known as the 'Hobbit House'. The farmer took 11 years to build this incredible two-storey building, which features several turrets, dovecotes and stained glass windows built by a local artist. This was all built by the farmer with this own hands and form stones he found on his land.

The farmer built this simply to store hay and other supplies, but rather than stopping at four walls, the building begun to grow, until it eventually became the unusual build it is today.

The stained glass windows represent the four seasons, winter, spring, summer, autumn and the four elements, earth, air, fire and water.

To give a sense of scale, the doors are normal sized doors. This is not a miniture house, it is full size.

The house was not built for a movie set and has not been in any movie. It was built purely as a hobby and a labour of love.

In a newspaper interview the farmer said "I just got a bit carried away!"

The farmer sold the land in 2000 due to the local quarry disrupting his peace and is now farming in Scotland.

The Explore itself was very edgy, after being told the new owner of the land was an angry farmer that didn't want visitors we took our chances. After getting stuck in the building for 30 mins waiting for the farmer to finish cutting the grass on the field the house sits on, we eventually managed a full explore of this place.

Pictures form the explore

Exploring a Hobbits House in a secret location in the U.K.[/URL] by Ross Wallace, on Flickr











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^ agreed, makes for a change to see somewhere actually in better nick as time goes on!
5 years pretty much since I went here first so proper good to see it still going strong. Decent pics too mate :thumb

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