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Report - Hobcroft House, Mobberley - November 2017


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November 2017

The Visit
I visited this place as a solo visit one November afternoon following a flop at a nearby pub, I drove past the house a few weeks ago and noticed that a few vans were parked up around it and the adjacent abandoned farmhouse but didn't think much of it. After a few failed attempts that day I was on my way home and the house popped back into my mind. I stopped off to have a quick look what was going on and luckily it paid off. Unfortunately the building has already been hit by the builders so there is very little remaining inside.

[1] - Hobcroft House in February 2017​

Built in 1890 this large 10 bedroom house is located on the outskirts of Mobberley, Cheshire, and close to the end of Runway two at nearby Manchester Airport. The house was once home to the famous British mountaineer George Mallory, who was known to have honed his skills by scaling the roof of the building. His father The Rev Herbert Leigh Mallory, the former rector of Mobberley, and there is a date stone on the property with his initials dated 1890. The property has passed through several owners including Manchester Airport Group who sold the property at auction last year. The new owners are currently in the process of refurbishing the property as a home.













Choo Choo m8ty

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Glad you finally got it done m8ty. But sadly looks better on outside. Staircase is nice though..

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