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Report - Hockley Palladium, Birmingham. September 2021


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Visited with @Chloe Explores

Took a day trip to Birmingham with Chloe, this was the first on our list of visits. After admitting defeat with the gap in the fence that I should have been able to get through pre-lockdown had to go over the high gates. No one batted an eyelid at the pair of us.

What a beautiful place, it reminded me of our old Odeon Cinema that I used to go to as a child/teen. And also of the local theatre with the layout and even the door telling you to mind the step. It’s full of junk, lots of belts and children’s crutches. The only occupants are the pigeons although there is evidence of squatters in there.

Had a lovely uninterrupted explore through the maze of rooms and corridors taking in the nostalgia of years gone by. The floors are safe and considering some holes in the roof the building is fairing ok, some of the ornamental stuff from the ceilings are falling or have fallen down but it’s decaying nicely.

History -

Located in the Hockley district in the north of Birmingham. Originally opened on 15th November 1911 as the Hockley Picture House, it had 506 seats. It was re-built and enlarged to the plans of architect L.L. Dussault, re-opening as the New Palladium Cinema on 8th November 1922. The opening film was Isobel Elsom in "The Game of Life". The 3-storey building had a tiled mansard roof on top of its facade. Inside the auditorium, there was an elegant decorative scheme and seating was locating in stalls and circle levels. The projection box was located beneath the circle, above the rear stalls seating area.

From 22nd October 1936, it was taken over by the Associated British Cinemas(ABC) chain, and was re-named Palladium Cinema. It continued to operate successfully as an inner city neighbourhood cinema for many years.

The Palladium Cinema was closed on 13th February 1965 with Gerald Hatray in "The Spy" and Francoise Arnoul in "Daggers Drawn"(A Couteaux Tires). It became a bingo club, which operated until closing in the late-1970’s.




















This is not a good idea. Let's do it.
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Great shots! Live just up the road from here but there's always tons of people swarming outside whenever I pass


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Great shots! Live just up the road from here but there's always tons of people swarming outside whenever I pass
It's one of those where the road is never quiet and you just have to go for it, nobody batted an eyelid when I did it in the middle of the day a couple of months back.


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Nice photos! I love that first shot of the chairs in the auditorium, so much decay and dust!

Good work

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