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Report - Hodgson's Mill, Robertsbridge August 2015


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There's not a lot of history around about this Sussex mill, it was originally known as Scats Mill and then became Hodgson's Mill (or Hodson's depending where you look), before closing in 1999. Parts of the site were demolished leaving only the listed buildings left and it's been stuck in development limbo ever since.

This place was sketchy back in 2015, I remember being warned as such by one of the friends I went with so god knows what it's like now. My over-riding memory of this explore was crouching down to take a photo on the ground floor, taking it, then stepping back and two seconds later one of my friends putting almost his whole leg through the floor almost directly above me and sending a shower of metal pipework, wood and other crap raining down onto the exact spot I'd been crouched down in a few seconds before. I don't know who was more shaken up, me or him!

That aside it was fairly uneventful and a good explore at the time, I can only imagine the floors in here will be absolutely shot by now.

Thanks for looking :)​

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