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Report - Hodgson's Mill (Robertsbridge Mill) - East Sussex - April 2018


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It's been done a few times for sure, but it's still a decent explore, if you are okay with the rather soft floors.


Originally known as Scat's Mill, Hodgson's Mill in Robertsbridge closed in 1999 due to a downtime in work.
The site was originally much larger, but most of the newer buildings were demolished, leaving the older listed buildings remaining. There are now plans to turn the site into housing.

The Explore

A lovely April day with highs of 25C made for a nice cross country drive down to East Sussex, just a shame the Aircon in my car is starting to really struggle making it pretty uncomfortably warm, a good re-gassing in order I think.

The site of the mill is quiet, but on a footpath so expect to see the odd dog walker and jogger. Once I got in I could hear voices from inside, who all went silent when I called out. I climbed up into a room to see 3 alarmed looking teens. 'Don't worry, I'm just another explorer', I said to their relief. Turned out to be a decent bunch who warned me about the sketchy parts of the site.

This first building was the maintenance and repair workshop, as it was full of spare parts and components.

The main Mill building is not in a good condition and floor boards and wooden stairs are pretty sketchy, so I had to be very careful, slow and methodical when moving about. That said there is enough machinery left to make it interesting and worth the effort.

To be honest I'm surprised that this place doesn't see more traffic, it a decent and easy explore, much better than the now sealed up Horsebridge Mill that isn't too far from here.


The Workshop/repair building



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Excellent report cheers. There are big old steel beams screwed and welded now across the bottom windows and a caravan near by complete with crockery left out to dry; looks like you made it in before they really started to secure it up.


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This place has some of the sketchiest floors I've ever encountered and that was a few years ago! I heard from a friend local to it that the stairs up from the ground to first floor have now totally collapsed.

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