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Report - Holiday Inn (Hallam Towers), Sheffield - July 2011


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Just a quick one.

Only ended up here early one morning so that I could cross it off the list. And all I wanted to do was hit the roof - I remembered a recent report saying it was all but stripped - but there's still a few interesting bits and pieces about if you take the time to look. I actually wasn't going to put up a report but I thought I'd try and keep some interest going in the old place - don't give up on it yet, if only for the views from the roof! ;)


The hotel opened in 1965 ready for Sheffield to host group matches in the 1966 World Cup and in time for the Swiss team to be based there. It later became the Forte Posthouse and then a Holiday Inn.

Visible from long distances, it has stood vacant since 2004 while plans to revitalise the whole campus as a private housing complex have been drawn up and scrutinised.
I believe plans are up in the air at the moment. Whatever work that was being carried out recently (seems just to have been stripping the interior mainly) looks to have been put on hold.

...oh, and the pool's been demo'd.




In your trouser presses...



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