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Hollinwood Gas Holder Site - Oldham - October 2015.

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Hollinwood Gas Holder Site


Site stroll with Ojay


There's very little history to this site, I couldn't find anymore than Ojay posted in his report except for some planning applications.

"The 165ft tall gasholder, which holds 144,000 cu ft of gas, was the largest in the country when it was built in 1913. Consent was granted in November, 1992, for the storage of around 150 tonnes of natural gas but was since revoked.

National Grid finally agreed in 2013 they were to sell off the 215,000sq ft site for re-generation after having no further use for it since their previous review of the site in 2009"


My Visit

Having had a couple of fails early in the day, Ojay suggested calling in here as we were passing, he'd already visited the site in August. It wasn't somewhere I was aware of, and is certainly one strange gas holder, fair enough it now lurks mostly below ground level, but it doesn't have the support steel work around the perimeter like so many other gas holder do.


There's just a handrail around the perimeter, a couple of access stair ways have been removed at some point.


It's quite a large structure once on it, the creaking and loud echoing bangs resound as you stroll across the surface.


Me on the top, this is my type of high place as I'd struggle to fall off this bugger!


Ojay enjoying the top of the gas holder.


It was possible to stick you camera through one of the access hatches in the roof, it soon mists up and even though a poor photo it gives a glimpse of what lies inside.


There are a couple of ladders to nowhere around the edge of the gas holder, ideal vantage points to view the full structure.


On the edge of the site is a small boiler house by the access gate.


Nothing too stunning inside, apart from a bit of graffiti.


Plus the remains of the Wee Chieftain boiler.


A pleasant hour or so was spent here, was good to catch up with a local site I hadn't really heard about before.



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