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Report - Hollybush Mine, Gastard, Wiltshire - January 2016

Bertie Bollockbrains

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A very small Bathstone mine in Wiltshire, but I think it has yet to appear on these forums, so for the purpose of completeness here’s a short report. The mine has interesting historical graffiti relating to the Second Boer War and artifacts present.


Hollybush Mine consists of one slope shaft, an air shaft and about two hundred yards of passage. The air shaft would have been a trial shaft, sunk to test the quality of the stone. It seems that the shaft was sunk in an area where the stone was good so a slope shaft was built. Rails were installed to move the stone and a lot of preparation went into the mine.

It was later found out that the stone was poor and fractured. This meant that it was impossible to cut a large block and so it was impossible to economically compete with other stone companies. This explains why the mine is so small. Hollybush was only worked for two years and closed on December 11th 1902. Rubbish was tipped down the slope shaft to cover up the embarrassment. The vertical shaft has been capped leaving no trace on the surface.


Surprisingly well hidden and getting here involves hacking through brambles and nettles - would be tricky in the summer. Mrs Bertrina Bollockbrains injured herself getting here and whinged a lot.


Small shack at the top of the slope shaft


Scramble down the rubbish-strewn slope shaft and you find yourself at a T-junction with passages running left and right leading to dead ends.





Graffiti relating to the closure of the mine in December 1902


Graffiti marking the end of the Second Boer War (1899-1902) (called the Transvaal War in the graffiti) and dated June 1902


Kettle as can be found anywhere underground in Wiltshire...


And the shoe that is also found anywhere underground


Looking up the air shaft


And relaxing on exit


Finally here's the injury that warranted an hour of whinging.



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Cool report. I really need get exploring as there's a wealth of sites within ten miles that I keep reading about but never go to..


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Not gone in but found it on a quick scout. the location on the map (also on this forum) is pretty much spot on. My recommendation however is to walk around the copse that's next to road rather than through it. Shall be carrying out a full investigation shortly. Also note its stepish through the entrance so if wet like today it'll be slippery. Here's a picture of the entrance for those that wish to see. https://goo.gl/photos/4SMx5zD7EHQ9QAnN7

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