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Lead or Rumour info - Hollywood Cinema Norwich


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It's on the agenda, I only posted it up because, due to a lack of reports, I figured some people may be unaware of it being closed.


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I had a look round the site a couple of months ago. The entire complex is covered with CCTV and security are on the ball. I had a walk round one evening with a friend and the security man came out and spoke to us. He was very nice and had a good chat with him but yes almost impossible to go around there, same with the old HMSO site on the same plot. I did hear reports that the cinema had been broken into and vandalised and one of the doors at the front was bordered up.


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I've tried this place but within about 5 minutes of me wandering around the perimeter, security were all over me. Would love to get in there though; when I checked the place out and peered through the windows the pick and mix was still loaded with sweets!